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Vile Villains Tag Team Release From Okumarts Games

Superheroes are kind of a big thing these days. With the rise of both Marvel and DC movie series, people are clamoring for others in bright, spandex suits like never before. Many people want to bring that excitement to their tabletop. Okumarts Games lets you do that with their Save the Day super-powered RPG. But superheroes need supervillains. And that's just what you're getting with this pair of releases.

Combined, there's a total of 50 new villains for your to encounter as you work for truth, justice, and the (your country's name here) way (that's 25 villains, each). But even if you don't use the villains in the book as they are, there's extra rules for making your current villains even more villainous.

You can pick up your copies now.