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Vikings: Great Hall Burning Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

Acheson Creations is looking to bring you a new miniatures skirmish game. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign for Vikings: Great Hall Burning which brings in some all-new terrain, as well as figures commissioned by Company D Miniatures, and rules by Two Hour Wargames. It's like a Justice League of a miniatures project.

From the campaign:

Vikings: Great Hall Burning allows you to adventure during the Viking Age, the period from the late 8th century to the mid-11th century. If you succeed in battle and in your raids, you can raise your Social Standing and gather more men. As your Fame grows you rise in rank until someday, you are King.

In this Kickstarter, Acheson Creations LLC has teamed-up with Two Hour Wargames to bring their new rule book to life on the game table. Acheson has designed all-new 28mm buildings and terrain for accurate, historical wargaming in the Viking era and we’ve commissioned over 50 new 28mm miniatures, hand-sculpted by Company D Miniatures, to give you the player all the options needed to play skirmishes using the rules and ideas found in the pages of Great Hall Burning. In addition to new terrain and buildings, we’ve remastered some of our most popular items from our Medieval catalog.

The Kickstarter campaign's a bit more than half funded with still 19 days left to go.