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Vikings Gone Wild Board Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, when you think of Vikings, you don't tend to think of them just sitting around a fireplace, the walls of the room they're in filled with books. Big, comfy-looking chairs. Sipping tea. One of them has a monocle. Perhaps discussing a bit of poetry.
No. You think of them... well... going wild. And that's just what they do in Vikings Gone Wild, a new deck-building/resource management board game up on Kickstarter.

In the game, players are the heads of viking clans looking to show that theirs is the most-worthy to the Norse gods. To do this, they'll attack other players, build magnificent town halls and other buildings (used for both offense and defense), and completing missions. They'll gain and spend resources and look to be the one that gets the most victory points.

The game's well over their funding level and already made it through several stretch goals. How many more will they get through in the next 17 days? That's sort of up to you and if you decide to back it or not.