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ViewScream 2nd Edition Up On Kickstarter

I remember playing some online RPGs back when I first went away to college. Granted, back then, we were doing it on IRC and didn't have fancy webcams or things like that (I doubt my old computer could've taken the strain, anyway. It had enough of a time playing the various MP3s that I was downloading from Napster at the time). Of course, we were just playing "regular" tabletop RPGs, but doing so online. ViewScream is sort of the opposite. It's an RPG designed to be played with people online, all connected to one-another, but otherwise isolated. The 2nd edition is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding.

In the game, you all play as survivors of some horrific event. You all are in contact with one-another, but are otherwise unable to get together. Say, for example, you're all on the same spaceship, but the aliens taking over have cut you off from one-another. Or it's a zombie invasion and you can't afford to just run outside to your friend's place. It's a bit more free-form than some RPGs, with players making up a bit more as they go on about what's happening to them. Also, not everyone will be able to survive each session. That's not some vague threat or anything. It's just designed into the scenarios that someone won't be making it out alive. But who will it be? Will you sacrifice yourself willingly to defeat the menace? Or will you throw whatever other person you can find "under the bus" and save your own skin?

The campaign's right around half-funded with still 23 days left to go on the clock.