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Victrix updates about Roman Legions progress

Vixtrix lets us know how things are coming along on their Roman Legion box sets.

Roman Legions


From the update:

It has been a while since Salute when last we gave you an update about the new Republican Romans. We have quite a lot to show you and some information on prospective release times.

Tooling on all 3 sets, Romans in chainmail, Romans in square pectoral armour and Latin allied legions is progressing nicely. We had hoped to have the first 2 sets out in June but we are a little behind. The first 2 sets should now be on release the end of July with first test frames coming from the tool makers around the end of June. The Latin allied legions will be a follow up release a few weeks afterwards. The boxes are about to go off to the printers and Steve will be starting the large range of shield transfers we have planned.