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Victrix taking Salute Pre-Orders

Victrix is getting ready for Salute this Saturday. The show only runs for one day, so they know people want to be able to get the things they want and then get to the next booth. As such, they're taking pre-orders for their products before the show. Then, all you have to do is stop by and pick them up. Just head over to their webshop and use the code Salute2015 and they'll remove any shipping charge (obviously, since they're going to hand it to you at the show). Multi-box deals and so forth are still eligible for show pick-up.

From the announcement:

For Salute pre orders use the code Salute2015 at the checkout of our online shop. Postage will then be removed from your order. Your order will be ready for collection at Salute 2015. All multi box discounts will still apply.

We will have our full range of plastic, resin and paper products available at Salute 2015.

We are also running 2 participation games using our forth coming "Warriors of Antiquity" rules. Warriors of Antiquity is a fast play set of rules based on warbands in the ancient world. It is an action packed and a very
bloody game that suits gamers who like to manage a game in a relatively short space of time on a moderately sized table (4 foot x 4 foot is more than adequate). It is not designed to re-enact Cannae but if you want a fast play game using warbands of up to 60 figures featuring scenarios such as slave and cattle raids, ambushes, looting etc this is the game for you.