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Victrix Taking Pre-Orders for French Napoleonic Artillery

Victrix steps up to bat for our Napoleonic post for the day with the announcement that they're now taking pre-orders for their 28mm French foot artillery kits. These figures will fit in for the years 1804 to 1812 (they did a nice overture of that year). You get a special bonus with your pre-order as well. Click through for details.

Artillery Flags

The set, itself, can be built a few different ways. You can either go with the 8 or 12 pdr gun. Also, there are 15 crew members that can either have bicorn hats (... I kinda want one...) or covered and uncovered shakos. This lets you decide which time, specifically, the artillery crew represents.

Now, for that bonus. You'll get a free artillery standard sheet (as seen above), for each box of troops you order. Save your caffeine hands.