Victrix price increases for 2011

Victrix Ltd. will be increasing their prices in 2011.

From their website:

Due to the rise in VAT and the continued increase in costs to develop and manufacture our products Victrix will be raising the price on all their products by approximately 10% on 4th January 2011. New prices that come into effect on 4th January 2011 are as follows:

  • All plastic figures sets £21.95
  • Plastic Base sets £9.00
  • Metal figure packs (excluding mounted colonels and some head sets) £11.00
  • Metal mounted colonel sets £8.50
  • Hannoverian head sets £16.50
  • Regimental Flag sheets £5.50
  • All our deals for both plastic and metal sets will rise by approximately 10%.

Why not take advantage of this window of opportunity to stock up on Victrix products before the price rise. Please note that any orders received before the 4th January will be charged at current rates even if the order is not dispatched until after 4th January 2011.