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Victrix Previews Warriors of Carthage renders

Victrix has finished their 3D modeling for the new Warriors of Carthage sets they're working on. Go check out the renders. The box sets will be available early next year.


From the announcement:

We are really please to be able to reveal all the figures for our forthcoming Carthaginian boxed sets. Everything is now complete and is now being tooled. The main frame and command frame are well under way but they won't be ready for Christmas we have been informed. As early as we can in the New Year is all we can say at present but we will give you a more definite timeline in the beginning of 2015.

The first set is Warriors of Carthage'. This will be a 62 figure set comprising of 21 Veterans in mail. 21 Libyan spearmen in Lino-thorax armour. 14 Libyan javelin men plus 6 command figures of officers, standard bearers and musicians.

The second set is 'Citizens of Carthage. This is a small 24 figure set giving you 21 Citizens plus officer, standard bearer and musician.