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Victrix previews new Republican Romans

Victrix shows off some more of the minis they're making for their Punic Wars line with this new preview.

The Republican Romans


From the post:

Busy busy busy as we get ready to launch the start of what we envisage being an extensive Punic Wars range. We had the command frame test shots back today and "oh boy" do these look business. Well done to Emel and Steve for their sterling efforts at the design stage where all the hard work has now paid off. Obviously I am biased but these figures are stunning, particularly things like the bearskin and wolf skins. Our tool maker, Simon, who has produced many figure sets for many people said that these are the best figures that his company have ever produced.

The Republican Romans in chainmail and the Republican Romans in pectoral armour are now ready to go. I expect stock to start arriving from Tuesday onwards. Both codes will go live on our website on Sunday night. The Italian Allies will probably be available in 2-3 weeks time.

Finally Steve will hot foot it back from his weekend break on Sunday and immediately launch himself into finishing off the first sets of Republican Roman shield transfers that LBMS will produce for Victrix.

I will post images of these as soon as I have them.