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Victrix post update on release schedule

Victrix Ltd. have posted an update on the status of some of the figures they planned to release last year. From their website:
This is a bit of an update to keep you informed of where we are up to with the forthcoming Austrian, Ancient Greek and 54mm French plastic sets.  We did expect to release most of these sets last year, but had a few issues to deal with that caused delays to our tooling and release schedules. Our tooling company moved to a larger location in the summer, and had to move a lot of tonnage of machinery to their new premises, taking time and causing delays in stock supply and tooling. The effects of the economic downturn last year also made us take a step back and have a rethink of our release schedule. We thought it best to consolidate for a few months rather than run the risk of overstretching ourselves in uncertain economic times. This has proved to be a wise decision and we are starting to forge ahead again with our planned releases from a secure footing.
Check their website for the full update.