Victrix post Greek Hoplite preview photos

HopliteVictrix Ltd. have posed photos of the greens for their upcoming 28mm plastic Greek Hoplite figures.

From their website:
It has been a while since we announced we were to release three sets of Greek Hoplites, Athenians, Thebans and Spartans.

These will contain 48 figures per set and will have options to make your figures in thrusting positions or spears upright depending on preference. We are also making the hands open and spears separate in case you want to replace plastic spears with metal.

There are numerous head variants in each set with crest, plume and feather options, giving you the option to make all your miniatures unique. Cloaks, shield skirts, swords, musician arms and officer arms give these sets even more variety.

We are not certain on the release date for these as yet as we are a bit behind on our releases and not sure if these will be be the next sets after the Chasseurs or it may be our Austrians.