Victrix Old Guard Chasseurs shipping

Victrix Ltd. have announced that their French Napoleonic Old Guard Chasseurs are shipping. From their website:
The couriers have finally delivered our cartons of Old Guard Chasseurs and they are starting to ship as of today. Apologies for the delay in getting these sent out. The bad weather had meant the couriers could not pick up our stock and then the couriers told us there was a huge backlog, which again delayed our pick up. On receipt of the delivery today we noticed there has  been a printing error on the flag inserts inside the box. The printers had changed the original size of the artwork they were given and so the flags in the box are to small. As you can imagine we are livid about this and are doing all we can to rectify the situation. We are having a new sheet printed which will be included in the next batch of Chasseurs to go out. We have also put the flag sheet up in the downloads section of the website for you to copy and print yourselves if you so wish. Save the file to your computer and then load up in a printing or art package, it should be 300 DPI, 10.5cm wide by 14.8cm high .Print on good quality paper for best results. We are very sorry about the printers error.