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Victrix Napoleonic Boxed Sets Deal

Victrix is having a new deal going on if you pick up some of their Napoleonic sets from their webshop.


From the announcement:

We are focusing on our great Napoleonic range over the next couple of weeks (27th March to 9th April) with a fabulous 20% off all Napoleonic boxed sets deal (28mm and 54mm sets).

PLUS! for every Napoleonic boxed set you purchase you are entitled to choose a Napoleonic transfer sheet, flag transfer sheet or A4 paper flag sheet for free!
So for example if you order two boxes of our Napoleonic figures you can add two Napoleonic paper products absolutely free! Saving you even more than 20% in reality.

*(Note this is not automated when you order, you have to notify us in your order comments which transfers or flags you want*)