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Victrix Limited posts about plans for the new year

Victrix is giving us a look into their release schedule for the upcoming year.


From the announcement:

We at Victrix would like to wish all our customers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also this is to give you a little update on what is going on at Victrix and what you can expect to see from us over 2014.

Our release schedule we do realise has been a little constipated over 2013 as we have been researching and developing our new design and production methods using a combination of traditional and computer sculpting and tooling. However there will be a rather large dose of prune juice in the New Year which will see a lot of new products pouring out!

The Ancient Greek Peltasts and Un-armoured Hoplites are in the tooling process now and we will keep you updated on their progress.

The Republican Roman sets are well underway with some more images to show you later in January. We are looking at putting a Legion in a box with plenty of helmet and arm options. There will be enough figures to field a unit of 16 Hastati, 16 Principes and a half unit of Triarii. 18 Velites (2 spares) and 3 command Sprues giving you 60 figures in total. Most people field units of 16 but you can arm the Legionary figures in any way you want so you will be able to make larger units to suit your tastes. There will be 3 sets: Romans in chainmail, Romans in square pectoral armour and Italian allies in mixed styles of armour which should be useful as allies of the Carthaginians also.

Steve will be making a very large range of shield transfers for both the Romans and the Greeks. He will be a busy bee over the next few months!

French Napoleonic artillery are in the pipeline and we are also working on a couple of new periods and a new scale. We will have updates and images to show later in January but we think people will be rather excited and surprised.

Just in time for the end of the year Steve has just finished a new transfer sheet for the Ancient Greek Hoplites: a sheet of nautical inspired designs on a polished bronze backing. Very useful for Athens and her seafaring allies (subjects).

Don't forget that the 3 for 2 deal is still running until the 5th January 2014. Simply buy two boxed sets and we will add on an extra set absolutely free!