Victrix British Napoleonic Foot Artillery pre-order

Victrix Ltd is now taking pre-orders for their 28mm British Napoleonic Foot Artillery.

From their website:

We are delighted that set VX0010 “British Napoleonic Foot Artillery” is ready for pre-order. We expect them to start shipping by 28th April and we will have a limited stock at Salute on 24th April.

The set contains:

  • 3 x Guns with options of short 6 pdr, long 6 pdr, 9 pdr and 5.5 inch howitzer barrels.
  • 3 x Limbers.
  • 15 crew, featuring:
    • Multiple arm options
    • Head variants enabling you to field your crew wearing Stovepipe shako for the Peninsular War or Belgic shako for Waterloo
    • Officer head and coat tail variants suitable for either the Peninsular or Waterloo

Also included are the Artillery rules for “The March of Eagles”. Written by Barry Hilton