Victrix add Napoleonic head packs

Victrix Ltd have added Portuguese line and Hanoverian head packs to their online store.

From their website:

We have just added the metal Portuguese Line infantry, Grenadiers, Line Command and Colonels to the shopping cart. The figures arrived from Griffin Moulds today so we have plenty of stock for mail order and Salute. We must say a big thanks to Griffin for doing an outstanding job of getting these figures cast for us in such a short time. They are diamonds amongst men.

Also added to the shopping cart are two sets of Hanoverian heads packs. These packs contain a lot of metal, they have 36 heads in either shako or peaked cap, 36 folded blankets with bits of extra kit strapped to them. These represent the sometimes hastily equipped Landwhere that fought at Waterloo. The packs also contain 16 arms each for officers, standard bearers and ordinary line.