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Victrix 10 Box Club Deal

Victrix Ltd. are offering a hefty discount when you buy 10 of their plastic boxed sets. From their website:
Due to the great popularity of our 10 box Christmas deal, we have decided to add a new full time 10 box deal to our range. We call this our '10 Box Club Deal'. (You don't have to be a club to buy it by the way). Many Club-members got together to buy the Christmas deal as well as many individuals leaning towards megalomania. It is a great way to build a huge Napoleonic army or armies without the Huge expense.
We are offering this deal at £165 for 10 plastic boxed sets of your choice. Normally these would retail at £219.50 plus postage. UK £8.50 EU £22 Rest of World £37 However we have not just decided to offer a great reduction on the sets themselves, we have also decided to subsidise the postage on this deal as well. UK Post free EU £10 Rest of World £20 Taking the reduced price of the sets and reduced postage. UK customers save £63 EU customers save £66.50 Rest of World save £71.50 Choose from:
  • VX0001 Britsh Waterloo Centre companies
  • VX0002 British Peninsular Infantry Centre Companies
  • VX0003 Waterloo British Infantry Flank companies
  • VX0004 British Peninsular Infantry Flank Companies
  • VX0005 Napoleonic French Infantry 1807-1812
  • VX0006 British Napoleonic Highlander Centre Companies
  • VX0007 British Napoleonic Highlander Flank Companies
  • VX0008 French Napoleonic Infantry 1804 - 1807
  • VX0009 Napoleon's Old Guard Grenadiers
  • VX0010 British Napoleonic Foot Artillery
  • VX0011 Napoleon's Old Guard Chasseurs
  • VX5401 54mm British Napoleonic Peninsular Infantry Flank