Victory Force Zombie Horde Set released

Victory Force is now selling the Zombie Horde Set.

Zombie Horde
Zombie Horde

From their announcement:

No frills, no thrills, just figures with very basic details. To be used as fun comical zombie fillers, extra cast members, inexpensive cannon fodder. Many of these figures, with a little converting can also be used as scavengers, casualties, radiation victims, tree huggers, protestors, waste landers, Wherever your imagination takes you.

Many with torn clothes, chewed fingers, torn arms and legs, even some with missing legs and arms.

This set contains 75 figures. Includes one each of 44 original figures and 31 figures converted from the originals.

For those who are looking for a deal, the Zombie Horde Random Pack Special is still on, but ends Dec. 15th. So hurry. Find it in the Specials section of the Victory Store.