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Victory Force release Samurai warrior heroes

Victory Force Miniatures have released several new 28mm Samurai figures. Samurai warrior heroes From their announcement:
I discovered what I think are 3 previously unreleased JC McDaniel Samurai figures. A couple of these might have been sold or given away at Origins 2010, but I don’t believe they were ever included in his catalog for sale. I cleaned up the masters and added arms to the center figure. I have named this 3 pack, Samurai Warrior Heroes because that is the impression I get when I look at them. The three arrive in time to save the small village from those who wish to enslave its occupants. I can see the center figure with his eye patch also being used as a Samurai teacher. You can find them now in the Victory Store in the Feudal Japan section as well as in the Newest Products section.