Victory Force purchases JC Figures Anime

Victory Force have purchased the JC Figures Anime range.

From their announcement:

JLB Studios LLC / Victory Force Miniatures has purchased the rights to the JC Figures “Anime style” line and the Knights pack. The “anime style” line has been named Aurora and can be found in its own section of the Victory Store. The knights have been put into the new Fantasy section.

JC McDaniel is now going to concentrate on his YoJimbo Samurai Game and samurai figures as well as modern armed forces miniatures. You can find out more on his blog.

JC is also working on his own website and web store. He is working towards the goal of selling his miniatures and rules under his own banner.

VFM will continue to sell the JC Figures Samurai in its store, as well as moderns when they come out, until JC wishes to move all sales to his site.