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Victory Force JC Figures Modern Marines special

Victory Force Miniatures is having a special on their recently acquired JC Figures Modern Marines. Victory Force marines special From their announcement:
For a limited time VFM is running a Modern Marines Special. These are figures from the JC Figures Line purchased by Victory Force. There are 19 figures in this special They include a leader, medic, and riflemen with the ability to equip some of the figures with either a SMAW, M240 or M249 SAW. Hurry this special is for a limited time. Find them in the Specials section of the Victory Store. .Notice: If you are a collector, read this. This may be your last chance to purchase these figures as they were originally sculpted. The reason for this is that some of the figures cannot be cast because the molds have torn where there are deep undercuts. These figures are not for sale in the special. When the line is rereleased, the odds are very good, most will be modified from the originals. I plan on converting the masters to better fit the molds and hopefully give the production molds a longer mold life. I will try to keep the rereleased figures looking as close to the originals as possible, but they will be changed.