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Victory Force D-Day Coupon Code Sale

Victory Force is running sort of a two-part sale over in their webshop. Do you like the idea of getting 40% off orders for the summer? I'm sure you do. I know I like the idea of it. You only have just under a week to get your special code, though, so you'd better hurry.

To get your 40% off code, you must go to the Victory Force webshop and spend $100 (not including shipping) and use the code "100" during checkout. You have until June 6th to use this code. That's the first step in the process.

Then, within 3 days of your purchase, Victory Force will send you a personalized code that will give you 40% off your orders until August 1st. The sale makes it sound like it's multiple purchases worth that you can use the code on, so it's not just a one-time thing. Spend a bit now to be able to save a bunch later on. Sounds pretty decent.