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Victory Force announces Santa and Elf Troops

Victory Force has Santa and his Elf Troops coming soon...just in time for the holidays.

From their website:

Santa and his Elf Troops

I am finishing up on the last greens for this figure set

and will have them all for sale soon

The figures:

  • Santa with smg

  • Santa with bazooka (conversion)

  • Leader

  • Elf Half Squad

  • Sniper popping out of package

  • Forward Observer and snowman blind

  • Flamethrower

  • Sitting

  • Sentry

  • MG Team

Santa and his Elf Troops are using U.S. WWII – Korea period style weapons

Santa wears military mountain pants and parka.

He carries a Thompson SMG and a 45 pistol

His conversion figure has a bazooka

The Elves wear Christmas Elf style outfits with U.S. infantry weapons

Use them in your Christmas battles or have Santa and his Elves take on the Axis powers