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Victory Force 50 Zombies for $50 Special returns

Victory Force Miniatures has brought back their 50 Zombies for $50 Special. 50 Zombies for $50 Special From their announcement:
For all you zombie lovers. The always popular Victory Force Zombie 50 for $50 Special has returned. It just will not stay down. This special consists of 50 randomly picked zombie figures selected from the same figure types as those found in the Zombie Horde Set 1. Figures are randomly picked from the horde pile and you may get repeats. We pick you save. Figures in in this set can be used as zombie fillers, scavengers, casualties, radiation victims, wastelanders, wherever your imagination takes you. Warn your friends. The special is back for a very limited time, so hurry. Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store. Don’t forget the other zombie figures and sets available in the Creatures Section of the Victory Store.