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Victory Decision: World War II needs your help

A.D. Publishing is looking for feedback and what their next expansion for the Victory Decision: World War II rules should be. From their announcement:
The rulebook is now for nearly two weeks on sale and so far I am more than happy with the feedback. We hit #1 on the Wargames Vault sales chart asap - BIG thanks to all who showed interest. Yesterday I also sent the German Technical Manual to final proofread and comment. The German Technical Manual is your comprehensive guide to using German Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Guns in Victory Decision: World War II. This book covers over 130 additional or updated guns and vehicles for your German forces from all periods of World War II. Included are:
  • • Anti Aircraft Guns, Anti-Tank Guns, Field Guns, Infantry Guns, Recoilless Guns and Rocket Artillery
  • • Anti Aircraft Vehicles, Armoured Cars, Assault Guns and self-propelled Artillery, Halftracks, Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Transport Vehicles and even Prototypes
I am very confident that it will be released in June 2011. Time to plan ahead! What should be the next Manual? The US, Soviet or British? And before you ask, additional army lists / field guides are also on the way. Steer over to the friendly "Victory Decision" Forum at the Lead Adventure League and make you vote count in the corresponding poll.