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Victory Decision USMC Army Guide now available

Agis Page has the USMC army guide for their Victory Decision WWII miniatures game now available. Several page previews are on their site for you to see. Go check it out!

From the update:

The Pacific War Army Guide supplements for our "Victory Decision: World War II" miniatures game are comprehensive army lists.
A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of the books.
The USMC Army Guide (OK Army and and USMC in one sentence is misleading... I just wanted to stick to one name for the book type...) is your comprehensive guide to using USMC units in Victory Decision: World War II.
This book covers army lists for the
Early, Mid and Late war USMC Infantry,
the Late War USMC Engineer Platoon,
the Late War USMC Raider Platoon and
the Mid War USMC Parachute Platoon forces.
Included is also the new Scenario: "Beach Assault", Amphibious Vehicles, Tanks and Transport vehicles for your USMC forces from all periods of World War II.
You can download the ebook at the Wargames Vault for $ 9,99.