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Victory Decision: Raid! Now Available From AD Publishing

If you're looking for a new squad-based skirmish miniatures game, the folks over at AD Publishing might just have it. They have released Victory Decision: Raid! over on their website. The game is designed to be small-scale skirmish, with about 6-10 figures per side (depending on what you take, exactly).

The rules cover the major combatants in WWII. There are rules for the British, Germans, Soviets, and Americans, including different sub-sets therein such as Rifle Forces, Motor Rifle Fores, Engineers, Paratroopers, and such. The game allows a lot of customization, letting you pick your gear as well as the quality of the troops (from fresh troops to combat veterans). There aren't any specific minis to go with the game, but you can use whatever WWII figures you like, from 15mm up to 32mm.