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Victory and Glory: Napoleon Board Game Now On Kickstarter

Having been a history student for as long as I was (partway through a Master's degree), I took various classes that covered bit and pieces of the Napoleonic Wars. However, I never took one that covered them all from start to finish. In much the same way, many board games out there might have part of the Napoleonic Wars in them, a particular battle or a campaign, for example, but not the entire thing from start to finish. Well, Victory and Glory: Napoleon lets you do just that.


One player takes on the role of Napoleon and the other as the various European forces allied against him. Will Napoleon be able to create and hold a continental empire or will the British, Russian, and other countries manage to force him back again? Fight on the land and in the seas around Europe for control.

Along with the board game version, you can add-on a computer version of the game as well.

The campaign's a quick one (well, the Kickstarter campaign is a quick one. The Napoleonic wars went on for years), lasting just 17 days. So if you want in, you'd better get to it quick.