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Victorian Steel, rules for wargaming in the Colonial Era, now available

Victorian Steel is a rules set for fighting battles in the Colonial Era. They're now available online.

Victorian Steel


From the release:

Victorian Steel rules came about as a result of us not being able to find a set of rules that captured the spirit of Victorian Colonial Warfare. The aspects we wanted to capture included the European ability to deliver a volley and follow it up with cold steel whilst also giving the natives a chance to use their natural advantages of climate and familiarity with the terrain often accompanied by rapid movement which the European forces could rarely match.

We wanted to add to the value of the rule set so along with the rules we will include two excellent quality professionally printed full colour flag sheets for the rule set covering the British and the Queens enemies (48 flags in total).

There is no need of rebasing miniatures and rules range from 1838-1902, wars include the Opium wars,Crimean,Indian Mutiny,Sikh wars the Afghan, Zulu and the Sudan.

Rules come with a playsheet and two free flag sheets and Donations from the sale of the Rules go to a Combat Stress Appeal which we strongly support.