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Victoria Miniatures Universal Empty Rifle Arms, and new "Chose your Weapon" squads.

Victoria Miniatures lets you create the squad you want, armed with the weapons you want, with their new empty rifle arms and multiple weapons made to fit into those arms.


From the post:

At Victoria Miniatures I am very pleased to announce the Male and Female Universal rifle arms.
Along with these I am now offering Universal Arcadian squads which offer the option to choose your own weapons to go with the new arms. These will come in 5 Man and 5 Woman Squads, as well as 10 Man and 10 Woman versions. These take the flexibility of Victoria Miniatures troops to a whole new level. So, if you were wanting a squad of five female snipers, 5 fusion gunners or a veteran squad armed with AK style Auto guns the possibilities are unlimited. Of course the original Arcadian Rifles Squads will also remain in production.
The next regiments to receive the universal weapon options will be the Devils and the Highlanders. Watch out for these soon.
Thanks for reading.
Happy modelling, V