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Victoria Miniatures taking pre-orders for 10-man Penal Guard Squad

Victoria Miniatures has started taking down names of those that want their 10-man Penal Guard Squad as soon as they're available.

From the announcement:

Now open for pre-orders, this product will ship May/June 2013

This is the first full resin squad from Victoria Miniatures.

This 56 part resin kit is packed with character and contains plenty of extra bits to customize your legion.

The Penal Guard kit It will make ten unique convicts or nine unique convicts and one overseer.

This Kit comes with Free shipping worldwide.

Contents are:

10 Individual Convict heads

3 Character Convict Heads

3 Overseer Heads

10 Legs

10 Convict Torsos

2 Overseer Torsos

1 Overseer Arms with baton and Pistol

Overseer Equipment pouches and Holster

11 Convict Rifle Arms

4 Convict Shivs

10 x 25mm Round Plastic Slotta Bases.

This set is currently available on a pre-order basis. Kits will be shipped in May-June on a first come first serve basis. Limited advance sets will be also available to purchase at Adepticon 2013.

These have been cast in the finest resin and represent Victoria Miniatures first project with an expert USA casting company with over 40 years experience in the hobby.