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Victoria Miniatures Previews Adepticon LE Miniature

Victoria Miniatures is showing off the Limited Edition mini that will be available at Adepticon next month. Not able to make it to the show? There will be 100 available on the Victoria Miniatures website as well. So if you want one, you'd better be prepared.


From the announcement:

I am very happy to reveal the Limited Edition Miniature for Adepticon 2015. This will be for sale at Adepticon in Chicago, but thanks to a special arrangement 100 resin casts have been made available for collectors unable to attend. This 100 will only be available from the Victoria Miniatures online store. They will go on sale at 4pm CT USA Thursday 5th Feb. (Thats 10pm Thursday in London, 8.30am Friday in South Australia) They will ship after Adepticon in March/May 2015.
I will send a reminder email when the sale begins.

Thanks, for reading.