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Victory Force new SuburbaKnights Conventioneers, The Chunk Bunch

Victory Force has released their new SuburbaKnights Conventioneers, the Chunk Bunch over on their website.
I think I saw all of these guys at GenCon a couple weeks back... the real-life ones... like, as in people.

From the release:

The SuburbaKnight Conventioneers: Chunk Bunch Pack and figures are now available in the Victory Store.

These chunky costumed heroes are ready to defend the game convention they are attending from the Zombie Hordes or Alien Invaders threatening the convention goers and booth inhabitants of the show.

Pack contains the following characters:
Dork Lord: wearing costume with horns, water bottle, cell phone with goodie bag and toy saber
Ham Sandwich: wearing name badge, bluetooth and goodie bag armed with toy laser pistol and maybe even a few ham sandwiches in his vest pockets
Thor: Holding hammer aloft in costume with goodie bag and cell phone
Lora Kraft: armed with two guns, shorts and purse
Fem Feline: wearing cat costume with whip, cell phone and goodie bag