Vexillia launch 15mm Medieval Polish range

Vexillia have released the first figures in a 15mm Medieval Polish range.

Medieval Polish range

From their announcement:

Vexillia are pleased to announce the launch of their range of 15 mm miniatures for Medieval Poland. The range contains six packs all with a distinctly Polish flavour:

  • Knights, 1450-1500
  • Mounted crossbow, 1400-1450
  • Cavalry, 1450-1500
  • Axemen
  • Armoured crossbow, 1450-1500
  • Armoured pavisiers, 1450-1500

The figures were sculpted by Clibinarium to match Mirliton in size. Knightly heavy lances and shields are cast separately as are the crossbows. The cavalry are sculpted to allow the easy addition of shields which are available separately. All codes have large photos.

Figures for earlier knights, hand gunners, and unamoured crossbow are available from Vexillia’s range of generic Eastern European Medieval figures.

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