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Vexillia acquire 15mm Napoleonic Ottoman range

Vexillia have acquired a range of 15mm Napoleonic Ottoman figures. From their website:
I am pleased to announce the acquisition of the extensive range of Napoleonic Ottoman figures from One Tree Miniatures. This is a major step forward for the business. The range is sculpted in the modern 18 mm style and consists of 32 codes covering infantry, cavalry and artillery; including command packs. Many of the figures will be suitable for later periods especially the militia infantry and light cavalry. This week, a considerable stock of packs will be shipped to the Vexillia nerve centre and they will take at least a week to sort and organise. I hope to be in a position to process orders by Monday, 01 August 2011. In the meantime there's a web page, complete with pictures of all the packs for advance orders.
EU prices now include VAT. To compensate for this, there will be a special introductory offer of 12 packs for the price of 11 for EU customers only. Offer expires 31 August 2011. There's no code required just order as normal and the discount will be refunded once the order has been processed. In due course I will be re-releasing the pdf painting guide produced by One Tree Miniatures once I have a re-branded edition. If you would like this before it is added to the web site get in touch. Finally, I'd like to thank Mark of One Tree Miniatures for his professionalism during the transfer and wish him luck in his new ventures.