Veterans Day

By bj
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Nov 11th, 2011

Not only an American tradition it is right to remember those who have fallen to bring peace and prosperity to the world. From the folks here at CMoN and TGN we hope you remember your fallen heroes well. No matter where you are give a Vet a hug, after all we play games based off of their accomplishments.

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  • verythrax

    Brazilian WWII veterans, I salute you!

  • mrborges

    It is also Remembrance Day here in Canada, and other countries.
    In honour of those who serve and who have served.

  • davetaylor

    This was originally recognized as Armistice Day, the end of WW1 with the signing of the peace treaty “on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month” of 1918. Many nations have a long tradition of honoring their veterans on this, and it is good to see this honor continued.


  • From Calgary, remembering all the souls who fought to give us our freedom.

  • AccessDenied

    We honor the fallen on Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day is to honor the living for their service and sacrifices.