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Vesuvius Media Premiering New Games at Gen Con

I've mentioned that Gen Con's a great place to show off games, well, Vesuvius Media is certainly taking the opportunity to do so over in Entrepreneurs' Avenue. They're going to be showing off some games that were successfully Kickstarted in the past year, as well as two upcoming games.

Centauri Saga and Cosmic Pioneers are the two Kickstarter games, having been funded in November and June (respectively). So if you were a backer for either of those projects, you can go see what you can be expecting (or even if you weren't a backer, you should stop by and see what you missed out on). Meanwhile, Dwar7s Fall and Tube Heroes Racers are two brand-new games that'll be on display for the first time.

“This is a huge deal,” said Konstantinos Manos (the Hands of Fate), CEO and Lead Game Designer of Vesuvius Media. “It is extremely difficult to break into the board game market, but we've done it and now, to be selected to attend Gen Con, we are beyond excited.”