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Vestals of Nemesis 30 miniatures regiment preorder deal

Avatars of War is taking pre-orders for their Vestals of Nemesis regiment and have a special deal going on with it as well.
Note: Not all figures SFW.


From the announcement:

Many of you let us know that the exclusive Concubine of Nemesis miniature provided with the Vestals of Nemesis preorder deal was not of your liking. But still, most of you were getting the preorder deal anyway.

To fix that issue, we have decided to add an alternative preorder deal consisting of a Vestals of Nemesis 30 miniatures regiment.

So now you can chose between the excusive metal miniature or the 30 minis preorder deal!
We will send an email to everyone who has already bought the exclusive miniature deal, asking if you'd like instead the 30 miniatures one.

Follow the link for the preorder deals for the Vestals of Nemesis.