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Vesper-On posts an update about the status of Carnevale

Vesper-On has posted a big announcement about the status of the company and of Carnevale for the upcoming year.


From the update:

After a long silent while, the time to break it has come and we have to place our cards on the table.

This very month is the second anniversary of the release of Carnevale: the miniature game and Vesper-on Games' endeavor. The first sixteen months of our journey, whilst difficult, proved that Carnevale was a solid, profitable and marketable property that managed to make way in the busy shelves of miniature games. Our vision of an original game setting, with the best freelance sculptors available and a solid game system did well and our brand managed to earn its presence in our industry on a international level on a short time.

Last April we received a buying offer for our company (please do not ask where did that offer come from, we will not entertain any speculation on this matter as it would look really bad on our professional behavior). This offer halted our activity, since our business was soon to be handed over to a new management, while keeping our current design team. After too many months without any advancements on the subject we understood that the process was over. Those months of zero activity damaged our international distribution base, choked our economical flux and we lost the impetus generated during the previous months.

The global economic situation, the spanish tax pressure and a lack of reasonable loan policies made us rush a Crowdfunding campaign to ensure the future of the project. We believe that we promoted it really well, but the campaign itself probably had many flaws, or at least it didn't manage to raise the interest of the public who populate this sort of sites. After two weeks of launching the campaign, and hardly 1,000 sterling pounds away from our initial goal, we decided to cancel the campaign. We were sure that the slow pace we had wasn't getting us anywhere safe.

We needed to take some time away for reflection, and we have been searching for options to relaunch the Vesper-on Games project in any profitable way. We haven't managed to get there yet.

This is why we need to keep this state of inactivity during a few more months. We are sure that we will find the way to put out the next sourcebook and the array of new models we have in store for you, in such a way that we can ensure the longevity of this firm in the long term. Likewise, we continue working in new projects and formats easier to put out into the market, and we hope to share them with you in the following months. This should give us at Vesper-On Games the chance to recover from the heavy financial hit we risked in this project, and jump back to the field with the structure that will kick Vesper-on Games back into movement. We will keep you all posted of any updates in this channel.

We want to thank you all for your support and the attention you've paid to our madness, and we want to ask you to keep an eye on us because we don't plan to drift away for too long.