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Vers: The Rap Game Up On Kickstarter

*changes to my MF Doom playlist while typing up this article*
Spatch Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Vers: The Rap Game. They'd previously put up a free print-and-play version on their website, but if you're looking to go in and get the real thing, now's your chance.

From the campaign:

Vers is a freestyle rap card game. The players compete against each other to see which can create the best freestyle rap, but it uses a template system that makes it accessible to anyone. You can rap with it and it's fun for your parties and events.

This Kickstarter is to fund the first round of product and get the full game printed for people to buy. That's the cards, box, and instructions.

The campaign is going now and is set to run for another 34 days.