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Venexia Miniatures begining to finally roll out at Sgt Major Miniatures

Sgt Major Miniatures recently took over the Venexia Miniatures line, has remastered them, and has started to release them back out to you.

From the announcement:

or those of you have been patiently awaiting the return of Venexia miniatures, I have a small piece of good news. The 15mm Ottoman Turks are now back in production, and available for sale.

For those who don’t know, Sgt Major Miniatures bought the Venexia line from Italy in the summer of 2012. The deal did not include molds, as they were in bad shape, and near useless. Therefore, it was necessary for me to make new molds from the master figures that were shipped over. Sadly, the master figures contained some low end metal, possibly solder, and they melted in the mold making process. There were ample masters so that this did not cause a loss to the line, but it did force special steps to be taken. My mold maker was forced to make hand poured room temperature setting molds of the masters, one at a time. Then, he had to go in and do some sculpting work to clean them up, and bring them back to life. He was then able to create the production molds. This process took far longer than anticipated by either me or the mold maker.

The good news, he has delivered the Turk molds, and stock has been spun up over the past few days to allow me to offer them on my web site. I still do not have photos of the individual packs up yet, and wont for some time, but the items are there.

Said mold maker currently has in his possession the Italian Wars line of 15mm figures, and thinks the molds for this line will not take as long as the initial set did. This is good news indeed… In addition, I will be delivering the Louis XIV line of 15mm figures to another mold maker at Cold Wars in a few weeks’ time, and he will be working on that line simultaneously. Sometime later in the year, the 15mm biblicals, 28mm Condottieri, and 28mm Moderns will come back on line as well, I do not know yet in what order…

So, my thanks, and a sorry, to those who have been waiting for these lines for some time. If all goes well, the entire Venexia library will be back in production by the close of 2013…

Ottoman Turks
OT 01 Mounted Command (1400-1700) (General, Standard bearer and Tamburine) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 02 Heavy cavalry with barded horses (1400-1550) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 03 Heavy cavalry with unbarded horses (1400-1700) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 04 Heavy cavalry with pistols and unbarded horses (1550-1700) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 05 Mounted heavy archers with barded horses (1400-1550) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 06 Mounted heavy archers with unbarded horses (1400-1700) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 07 Light cavalry with unbarded horses (1400-1700) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 08 Light cavalry with pistols and unbarded horses (1550-1700) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 09 Mounted light archers with unbarded horses (1400-1700) (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 10 Balcanic Cavalry (4 Figures) $5.50
OT 21 Janissary Command (high uniform) (4 Figures) $3.50
OT 22 Janissaries with bow (campaign dress) (8 Figures) $4.75
OT 23 Janissaries with muskets (campaign dress) (8 Figures) $4.75
OT 24 Assorted Janissaries advancing with assorted weapons (campaign dress) (8 Figures) $4.75
OT 31 Infantry command (4 Figures) $3.50
OT 32 Azab bowmen (8 Figures) $4.75
OT 33 Advancing infantry with assorted thrusting weapons (8 Figures) $4.75
OT 34 Serbian, Croat or Bosnian musketeers (8 Figures) $4.75
OT 41 Heavy Artillery and crew (3 Crew & Gun) $7.50
OT 42 Light Artillery and crew (3 Crew & Gun) $4.75