VBAM Second Edition preview part 4: Empires, Colonies, and Economics

The fourth preview of the upcoming Victory By Any Means Second Edition takes a look at the economics of a stellar empire.

From their website:
As promised, here is a shotgun blast of new information relating to VBAM Second Edition. Below you will find draft versions of three new 2E chapters.

Now, a few caveats on these materials. First, the Empires section, though mostly complete, is currently undergoing some pretty heavy revision to merge several topics in the latter half of the chapter into a single entity. You will also notice that the rules for the Releasing Empires are not present, but rather are represented by a scattering of nonsensical notes. This is because I am still trying to figure out the best way to translate these rules into practical game effects and achieve the correct level of game balance. Expect these gaps to be filled in later on.