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Vanquisher Kingdom-Building Board Game On Kickstarter

Nothing can help build your kingdom like a sudden land rush. A bit of uncontested land has been found nestled between several sets of mountains. Now, all the adjacent kings are sending in their army and other subjects in order to stake a claim on the land. The one who ends up with the largest territory will have bragging rights and certainly have the most influence over affairs in the region. This is the story behind Vanquisher, a new kingdom-building board game by NGB Designs and is up on Kickstarter now, looking for funding.

Vanquisher is for 2-4 players, ages 14 and up. The game has some area control, with some abstract strategy elements, and resource management. The larger your territory you control, the higher your VPs. The player with the most VPs at the end of the game is the winner. Pretty simple.

The basic box game comes with:

* 280 Construction Cubes?
* 40 Farmer Meeples
* 6?4 Army Tokens
* ?32 Lumber Tokens
* 32 Stone Tokens
* ?32 Metal Tokens
* ?48? Coin Tokens
* 1 Year Tracker Token
* 1 Die
* 4 City Hall Cards
* 64 Basic Blueprints Cards
* 90 Auction Blueprint Cards
* 90 Bribery Cards
* 1 Game Board
* 1 Rule Book

The campaign is up on Kickstarter now and set to run for another 23 days.