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Valkyur BattleRaven MkI, II and III preview from Micropanzer

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted a preview of three variants of the Valkyur BattleRaven.

Valkyur BattleRavens

From their announcement:
I have poster tacked together the parts for the Mk I and Mk II except for the lower body parts as I could not get them to hold long enough to shoot a photo -- they are seen on a MK II leg set.

These are 50mm tall and are for the Valkyur 15mm Range of Project-Slipstream

  • BattleRaven Mk I - heavy armored, slower moving, anti-tank type weapons

  • BattleRaven Mk II - medium armor, good speed infantry support type weapons

  • BattleRaven Mk III - medium armor, jump pack, close combat claws

I am waiting to decide if I like the head on the Mk 1 as it seem large - More than likely will redo it but want to build and paint one first as it could be the combo of poster tack and lack of pose dynamic.

I am going to also work a set of legs to cast in a set pose for each down the road to sell as well as keeping all the parts of current kit as it allows for many pose options and customizations. These will be resin as there is no really thin parts and will make the build easier and keep cost down -- would like to drop price to 9.99 but can't if all metal.

I am hoping to be able to take pre-orders at a special price by end of month and have by Historicon.