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Valiant Universe RPG On Sale At DriveThruRPG

Comic books and tabletop gaming have a long history together. I don't know many comic book readers that don't also dabble in gaming or vice-versa. So when a major comic book company gets their own RPG, it's a pretty neat melding of these two "sectors of geekdom." Catalyst Game Labs' Valiant RPG is just one of those. Valiant comics are a gritty take on the super hero genre, and the RPG allows players to get into that setting and walk around. The main book for the RPG is currently on sale.

The Valiant RPG is a new system designed specifically for this game. It's designed to be friendly for those that have never played an RPG before, or those that have never read the Valiant comics before. The Cue System it uses is fairly rules-light, allowing the players and GM to decide what works best in whatever situation. There's also an overview of the Valiant comic universe. This allows your group to decide what section they want to focus their attention on. Also included are both pre-generated character sheets for some of the most iconic Valiant personalities, as well as rules to create your own heroes.

The pdf is on sale for 20% off over on DriveThruRPG, so you can check it out for a little less than you usually would have to spend.