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Valiant RPG Universe design look from Catalyst Game Labs

Catalyst Game Labs is showing a bit of insight into the design of the Valiant RPG in this editorial post.

Valiant RPG


From the post:

Every game company publishing roleplaying games is looking to try and present RPGs in a way that’ll be easier than ever for people to understand. To get RPGs. To see why they’re cool and why you should try ‘em out.

And when it comes to RPGs based upon comic books, that’s even more true. Because the story-telling nature of comics works so wonderfully well with the structure of how most RPGs play out. So every time a new comics-based RPG is published, the company is hoping they’ve found just the right way, the right set of mechanics, the right presentation for how a comics book fan might pick up the RPG and read even just a little bit…and get it. And fall in love with a new way to enjoy storytelling, and join us down at the bottom of the rabbit hole where we’ve all lived for long years in endless, fantastic adventures.

Pairing up Valiant and the Cue System, I hope, lends itself better to that than ever before. And here’s the first words straight out of the Introduction that hopefully snags the attention and conveys that sitting around and talking about comics is amazingly close to roleplaying…