Valiant rereleases Clan War kits

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Jan 25th, 2010

Valiant Miniatures have rereleased the Clan Wars range of figures.


From their announcement:

Valiant Miniatures is proud to announce our February re-releases of Clan War kits. The release includes Ogres, Goblins, Trolls, Nagas and Onis’ (Demons). Please visit our website at for pricing and more future releases.

  • VELL5RSH67 Oni – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RSE02 Demon Bride of Fu Leng – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RSE04 Hiruma Tikeda Oni Hunter – Crab Clan
  • VELL5RFH03 Goblins Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RSH01 Ogre – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RSH65 Oni – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RN08 Naga with Two Swords – Naga Clan
  • VELL5RFH04 Goblins Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RN06 Naga with Glaive Back – Naga Clan
  • VELL5RSH107 Male Troll – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RSH85 Goblin & War Hog with Sword – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RSL06 Goblin – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RN13 Naga Humanoid – Naga Clan
  • VELL5RSH96 Oni – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RP50 Isawa Elite Pikeman – Phoenix Clan
  • VELL5RSH46 Yogo Junzo – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RD49 Togashi Bujun – Dragon Clan
  • VELL5RN01 Naga with Two Handed Sword – Naga Clan
  • VELL5RSH30 Ogre – Shadowland Horde
  • VELL5RU10 Heavy Cavalry Unicorn Clan

Wholesale Inquiries are welcome at [email protected]

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