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Valiant release limited edition metal British paratroops

Valiant Miniatures have released several packs of limited edition 1:72nd scale WWII British miniatures. From their website:
The three limited edition packs of metal British paratroops (HQ group, rifle group and support group) are now available.  The cost of the packs (again post free) will be:
  • VMM005 British Para HQ Group (10 figures)- £12
  • VMM006 British Para Rifle Group (8 figures) - £9.60
  • VMM007 British Para Support Group (6 figures, Vickers MMG and 3” mortar)- £9.60
(For Rapid Fire! gamers 1 x VMM005, 3 x VMM006 and 1 x VMM007 = a battalion).