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Valhallions post update to Superchron RPG Kickstarter

Valhallions have posted an update about their Superchron RPG Kickstarter campaign. Now with more monsters!


From the update:

Today we have been very busy working on press releases, making maps and creating the digital wallpaper available exclusively through this Kickstarter. On top of this we had a monster concept session where we pooled all of our ideas to put together our bestiary. We were planning on only including a small bestiary in our game but after putting all our ideas down we couldn’t agree on which to leave out. It was like seeing their sad eyes look up and say “can we play too?”

So, as a result we can happily tell you that every copy of Superchron will feature the super-extended bestiary with lots of chewy combat and strategic options. We’re putting together some examples for you delectation.